Phoenix Divorce Lawyer

Common Problems Clients have with their Phoenix Divorce Attorney

If you are in the process of looking for a Phoenix Divorce Attorney then I am sure you have run into difficulty getting your questions answered and finding the right person for you.

How do you know which Phoenix Divorce Attorney is right for you?

At Enholm Law, PLLC, we pride ourselves on having attorneys that deal with the clients problems when the client needs us and not when it is convenient for the attorney. First, find someone that you can get a hold of if you need them. About 50% of our clients who have dealt with another firm state their number 1 complaint was they could not get a hold of their attorney.

Second, find someone that you like and can relate to. Yes, your attorney is going to have to be good, competent, and get you what you want; however, if you are not able to relate to them, communication barriers will form and can hinder  your overall case results. At Enholm Law, PLLC we offer a free consultation so that you can get to know the Firm and our philosophies. This provides our clients with an opportunity to find out why we are the best fit for them.

Third, their case load to support staff ratio can directly effect their time allocation to your case. If the attorney has 2 clients there may be a good reason for it and you should follow up with some hard questions to decide if the firm can handle your case. Similarly, if they have 150 clients they may not have the resources to give your case the attention it deserves. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys have small caseloads, which allow them to adequately litigate, or settle your important legal issues. Additionally, our client’s primary contact is their attorney, not a paralegal or legal assistant, so that hard questions can be answered quickly and immediate action can be taken.

Fourth, ask them how much your case is going to cost. Attorneys hate this question and for some reason the legal industry is one of  the few in which consumers rarely get a firm quote. For example you would not hire a contractor to build a house if he told you he did not know what it would cost but needed a bunch of money upfront and would call you if he needed more. Although I agree that not all cases can be done on a flat fee, an attorney should have an average or ballpark figure so that you fully understand the costs involved. At Enholm Law, PLLC, we provide great legal representation and counseling to our clients. We offer flat fee,  and hourly fees that fit our client’s needs.

Although this list could go on for days the importance is to make sure you understand what the law firm that you hire is going to deliver and what they require from you.

Why You Should Choose Enholm Law, PLLC to be your Phoenix Divorce Attorney

At Enholm Law, PLLC, we provide great legal representation and counseling to our clients.

  • We offer flat fee, and hourly fees that fit our client’s need.
  • We believe in a free consultation to make sure our clients are comfortable with our plan.
  • We develop a comprehensive legal and life plan so that both you and your Phoenix Divorce Attorney have the same goal and a timeframe that it must be achieved within.

A specialized divorce attorney at our firm will focus four specific areas including: support maintenance (alimony), property divisioncommunity waste and child custody. The court will spend a great deal of time on dividing community property, finances and debt during the course of a divorce trial in Arizona as well as making provisions for any children that are common to the couple. By concentrating on these four areas, we are able to form a solid case that will yield to the best results. Contact Enholm Law, PLLC today at 602-889-6273 to see why a Phoenix Divorce Attorney is right for you.