Divorce Without Lawyers

Searching for a cost effective, painless option? We understand and have you covered!

Maricopa County has a great option that essentially streamlines the divorce process when both spouses agree. Was this possible before? Yes, by way of Default. Many of my mediation clients came in with most of the issues agreed upon but needed some assistance in getting to a full agreement. In those cases, we simply worked on the agreement and then arranged for the case to go by “Default”. This was a good option but now we have a better option with what is called “Summary Consent Decree Process”.

We are really excited about this option for all of our future clients! Along with mediation this is the best, most cost-effective option for divorce, in our humble opinion.

We are so excited about this option that we are pleased to offer, for a limited time, mediation utilizing this process for a flat fee of $1,500 (not including the filing fee) when you have a full agreement. This offer is will expire without further notice so call today to lock in this price.