Financial Legal Separation Arizona

Financial Legal Separation Arizona

Can I separate financially from a spouse in Arizona without a divorce?

My husband has taken out 17 credit cards, either in my name, or with me as a joint user. We just recently filed bankruptcy less than 5 years ago, and he’s at it again. If I go out and charge one thing, say for a vacation, it’s like he uses it as a contest to go spend money. He’s become very threatening because I opened up a credit monitoring service and told him if he opened another card without my consent I was reporting it to the police. I’m at a loss if I should just file divorce, because we have a 4-year-old.

Yes you can. One option would be filling for legal separation.

Legal separation is similar to a divorce, except that you’re married status would not be single, and therefore you can’t marry someone else.

Legal separation means that:

  1. The community assets are split
  2. The community debt is split
  3. Retirement is split
  4. The Court can make a final order for spousal maintenance
  5. The Court can make a final order for  child custody (Legal decision making), parenting time, and child support.

This option is used by couples for many financial reasons.

Some of those financial reasons are:

  1. You’re not ready for divorce, but want make sure your financial situation is under control.
  2. Health insurance benefits
  3. Social Security Benefits
  4. Military Benefits

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