About our firm

Angela Enholm founded her practice on the belief that everyone with a case should have competent, thorough and compassionate representation. Representing clients in divorce, child custody, paternity, asset protection, and other areas of family law, the team at Enholm Law is committed to their company motto, We Take Sides...Yours.

Angela Enholm came to Arizona toward the end of her education at Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Michigan to complete an externship at a major criminal defense firm.

Angela Enholm began her legal career a little later than most and it was the work at a prosecutor's office during her undergraduate years that propelled her to law school. She said "I'm able to draw on my prior experiences and bring them to my aid in the legal field."

When Angela Enholm set out to found her firm it was with the understanding that she was here to serve the community. While the firm doesn't generally handle pro bono cases, they strive to make their services affordable to their clients. Enholm said,We devise plans that fit all budgets, within reason, of course. We attempt to provide legal services to anyone who turns to us.”

The culture at Enholm Law is founded on support. Our firm is excited about continuing to develop new systems that will benefit our clients by saving costs and improving results including a devoted attention to new technology. Additionally, we are continuing to expand with the hopes of bringing on more attorneys and staff in the near future.

Enholm believes the firm has a bright future. "I'd really like to see the firm expand a little bit. We will continue to grow stronger and continue to be highly focused on our clients. We want to be better advocates for clients and be able to reach out more and be more prevalent in the community, too."

Our firm is excited about continuing to develop new systems that will benefit our clients by saving costs and improving results.


Family Law, Divorce Law & Child Custody Attorney

Angela Enholm has been a practicing attorney for over 9 years, focusing on the wide range and issues surrounding family law. Angela places a premium on working closely with her clients to achieve the best possible outcome by employing the tools of litigation and mediation. Angela has had law school and post-law school training in mediation, providing case options that can bypass trial and litigation, including court document preparation for her mediation clients. Angela donates her time to the community by serving as a Judge pro tem in Maricopa County Superior Court. Angela believes her service as a Judge pro tem provides parties an opportunity to settle issues in their case on their terms. Enholm Law uses a team-environment approach, working together with our clients to achieve the best possible results in a time-efficient way. We are honored to be part of the Phoenix and Maricopa County communities, and our goal is to work with people in resolving conflict as efficiently as possible. Enholm Law has the ability to tailor our service options to meet your financial circumstances and case objectives. We'll take a look at your case and explain all of your options during your free initial consultation. Angela has been in the Valley since 2008 and loves Phoenix and Maricopa County. In her spare time, Angela enjoys traveling, attending community events, and spending time at home with her husband and spoiled dogs.