We are committed to providing affordable mediation services. We offer several packages designed to meet your mediation needs. We recommend that you utilize packages that include preparation for filing with the court for enforceability reasons.

You can mediate several issues such as property division, child support, parenting time, legal decision-making, and more including enforcement issues or modification of parenting time or terms and conditions regarding your parenting plan. This is not an exhaustive list of options.

We have two certified mediators, Angela and Wendy. Angela is also a collaboratively trained attorney and has been practicing family law since 2009. Wendy has years of experience as Angela’s assistant and speaks fluent Spanish.

Angela’s litigation rate is currently $400 an hour, however, for mediation Angela’s rate is $300.

Wendy’s mediation rate is currently $150 an hour and focuses on our Spanish-speaking community.

We ask for a deposit at the time of scheduling that is equivalent to three (3) hours.


Estamos comprometidos a brindar servicios de mediación accesibles. Ofrecemos varios paquetes diseñados para satisfacer sus necesidades de mediación. Le recomendamos que utilice paquetes que incluyan la preparación del documento para la presentación ante el tribunal y así cumplir con la responsabilidad legal y por motivos de aplicabilidad.

Puede mediar en varios asuntos, como división de propiedad, manutención de los hijos, horario de crianza, toma de decisiones legales y más, incluidas cuestiones de cumplimiento o modificación del horario de crianza o términos y condiciones relacionados con su plan de crianza. Esta no es una lista exhaustiva de opciones.

Contamos con dos mediadoras certificadas, Angela y Wendy. Angela también es una abogada capacitada en colaboración y practica el derecho de familia desde 2009. Wendy tiene años de experiencia como asistente de Angela y habla español con fluidez.

La tarifa de litigio de Angela es actualmente de $400 por hora, sin embargo, para la mediación la tarifa de Angela es de $300.

La tarifa de mediación de Wendy’s es actualmente de $150 por hora y se enfoca en nuestra comunidad de habla hispana.

Se solicita un depósito de tres (3) horas al momento de agendar.

Why Choose A Mediation Attorney?

There are reasons people choose to mediate their divorce versus litigating their divorce. You need to weigh those for yourself and decide whether or not mediation will better suit you.

I offer an interesting perspective because I am a Phoenix divorce lawyer and litigator. On the other hand, when my first marriage ended it concluded by mediation. In the interest of reasonable disclosure, my ex-husband and I did not seek formal mediation but rather mediated between ourselves. That being said, it was a mediated divorce. In addition, I regretted proceeding in that manner. My divorce had very different facts and circumstances than most clients I work with, so you must take your facts and circumstances into account when weighing your options.

One obvious benefit to mediation is usually cost. A litigated divorce, depending on the issues, can reach $18,000 per party. However, I have seen some mediators charge $400 or more per hour. Another cost to consider is your emotional well-being and mental health. Litigation is difficult emotionally and adds to the stress of a divorce.

Alternatively, a husband or wife may push for mediation because they have consulted an attorney and know or believe that they have more exposure to litigation, such as paying spousal maintenance.

Mediation is private, whereas litigation is not. All pleadings and orders become public information. If you decide to mediate and full agreements are not reached then you will proceed to litigation. If you do reach full agreements, then they must be reduced to writing and submitted to the court for review and approval.