Fees and Options

Traditional representation

Typically a $5,000 advance fee is requested then you must maintain at a minimum of $2,500 in the trust account. We handle your entire case which includes scheduling, calendaring, research, motions, preparing case, strategizing throughout, speaking to the other attorney, etc. All unused and unearned funds will be refunded to you.

Limited Scope Representation

This is when you want to handle the case yourself, and you may want an attorney to go to court with you. The fees depend on the scope of the representation or the type of hearing.

Consultation based

This is when you want to represent yourself, but you want to consult with an attorney about different aspects of your case. We are available through phone or email for this option. There is a small deposit of $2,500 that can be used towards motions; pleadings; communications; etc. Your deposit is refunded if it’s not used.

Pay as you go
(Unbundled Services)

This is when you want to represent yourself. We will draft pleadings, motions, or other court documents for you. We do not represent you, or consult with you about your case, but those options are available. No deposit is required, and each transaction is separate. There is no payment plan available for this option. $300 an hour; no less than one hour is sold.