Phoenix Child Custody Attorney

Working with a Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer is your best possible chance to protect your rights and the future of your children when facing a child custody dispute. In January 2013, Arizona split child custody into two distinct categories known as Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time. Parenting Time covers the amount of time the child will be spending with each parent and is commonly referred to as visitation. Legal Decision Making is an area of law that covers which parent will be making the major decisions for a child that could include education, medical, religious, and any major lifestyle choices for the child. Arizona attempts to ensure that a child will receive equal and meaningful time with both parents unless conditions exist where one parent has exhibited a history of behavior that would not be in the best interest of the child.

Five Main Categories A Custody Attorney will work with you on:

When you hire a Phoenix child custody attorney they are going to look at five main categories.

  1. Legal Decision Making
  2. Parenting Time
  3. Child Support
  4. Relocation
  5. 3rd Party and Grandparents’ Rights

A custody attorney in Arizona will address legal decision-making by analyzing your situation against Arizona Revised Statute 25-403, which is discussed more in-depth under the Legal Decision Making and Parenting time categories.

A Phoenix Family Lawyer from Enholm Law, PLLC will look at all factors and issues regarding Parenting Time to come up with the most logical, safe, and secure plan for you and your children based upon the applicable case law and Arizona Revised States. A comprehensive category on Parenting Time has been compiled under the Parenting Time category that specifically addresses all of the factors in detail.

Child Support is governed in Arizona by the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. A Custody Attorney at Enholm Law, PLLC will discuss all factors that influence child support so that the result that the judge issues will be justified. Please click on the link above to find more details on child support and how you can get the results you deserve.

The Process of Working with a Custody Attorney

Your first interaction with your Arizona Child Custody Lawyer will be a consultation where you will develop a basic plan and come to an understanding of what are the important facts and legal issues of your case.

From that point, your custody attorney will draft the applicable documents and you will compile all important financials, emails, and evidence that you currently have in your possession.

Your custody attorney and you will then meet to discuss the documents that have been drafted and the evidence that has been compiled. This meeting will be a time when the path of your case will become clearer and your custody attorney will be able to advise you on areas of risk and areas of strength.

From this point, your Phoenix child custody lawyer will set your case for a temporary orders hearing or resolution management conference and your case will begin to develop fully into a trial or a full settlement.

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