Arizona Consent Guardianship

Arizona Consent Guardianship

There are several reasons where guardianship for children may provide a reasonable solution.

Whatever the reason, sometimes the parent(s) of a child need to give a consent guardianship, to have someone else care for, and take legal responsibility for their child.

A Consent Guardianship in the state of Arizona allows parents to give legal authority over a minor child to someone who isn’t a parent if both parents agree and sign a consent form.

The person designated as the guardian is charged with the legal responsibility for the child this includes the responsibility for the instruction and care of the child. If the guardian is married, their spouse may also be declared a legal guardian of the child.

When consent guardianship is given, both parents keep what are called “residual rights.” These rights include the right to visit the child (visitation) and other rights.

What’s the difference between guardianship and adoption?

This article gives a good explanation.

At any time, the birth parents can request that the guardianship can revoked unless their own parental rights have been terminated.

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