Arizona Divorce Hiding Income

Arizona Divorce Hiding Income

My ex-spouse is self employed and lying about their income to lower their child support. Is there anything I can do?

There sure is! During the discovery phase of your divorce you can tell your lawyer about your suspicions and ask them for documents detailing your spouse’s finances. Unfortunately, if they’re lying to you and the Court, they’re might be lying to the IRS too, so getting their tax returns might not show the whole picture. A good attorney will know what to ask for and what to look for..

Another indicator is if your spouse claims that their business is doing poorly but their actual legitimate business expenses have gone up.

Office supplies, sub-contractors, and staff expenses have increased suggests that business is doing well, and they might have substantial off-the-books income from cash business.

They drive a nice car, are all paid up on their credit card bills, and don’t seem to have any debt, yet they don’t have any money for you or the children when it comes time to split assets.

This is why it’s important for you to take pictures and catalogue items while you’re going through the divorce process. Social media may be a tool you can use to your advantage. That new boat, or trip to Rio that was just posted is an indicator that they aren’t as financially strapped as they assert. Document all evidence of this type of spending so you have a good starting place for your lawyer and the forensic accounting process so you can get a complete picture of the actual financial state of the other party.
Keep in mind, there’s a time limit to file these motions, so don’t delay. If you feel you need to modify your settlement call Enholm Law at (602) 889-6273.