Arizona Family Drug Court

Arizona Family Drug Court

How can I get my parenting time back if it was removed because of substance abuse?

When a parent loses their right to parenting time and/or custody (legal decision making) due to substance abuse or dependence issues, Arizona has a program that will help that parent restore those privileges through treatment.

Family Drug Court focuses on protecting the children and acting in the best interests of the child when they’re involved in a divorce where one or both parents are using or drugs.

What is Family Drug Court?

The Family Drug Court Treatment Program is designed to help parents with substance abuse and dependence issues, and will also monitor their progress towards recovery.

Family Drug Court

The Family Drug Court was established to develop the skills necessary for the parent to function in a drug environment, so they could restore a healthy relationship with their children. Remember, the court wants both parents involved in the child’s life, but only if the parent(s) can maintain a drug relationship that’s in the best interests of the child.

Best Interests of the Child

Who participates in Family Drug Court?

The court will refer both:

  • The “testing” (the parent who has a substance abuse issue)
  • The “non-testing” party (parent with no substance abuse issue)

Both parties are involved in the Family Drug Court program. The non-testing party will appear in person at orientation, as well as telephonically at most of the testing participants court hearings. The goal is to involve both parents in the program in an effort to facilitate productive co-parenting of the children involved.

 How does Family Drug Court Work?

The testing party will be scheduled for an assessment, which will determine the duration and intensity of the program.

  • Track One is a yearlong program that consists of four phases
  • Track Two is much shorter and depends on treatment and the testing progress

Each program involves frequent court appearances, discounted drug testing and reduced fee counseling and treatment. Once the assessment is completed, the testing participant will attend orientation along with the non-testing party.

If I’m successful in Family Drug Court, how will my Parenting Time be adjusted?

The Family Drug Court Judge may adjust the testing participants parenting time based on:

o   Success and participation in the program

o   OR lack of success and lack of participation in the program

Input from both parties is taken for this assessment. The Family Drug Court Judicial Officer will then report each parent’s progress to the Judge presiding over the parenting time/custody case.

How can I qualify for Family Drug Court?

  • You have a drug use or drug possession conviction, but no associated charges
  • You’re not in a methadone treatment program
  • You don’t have a history of violent behavior
  • You don’t have a history of dangerous weapons use
  • Not more than one felony conviction

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