Arizona “No Fault” Divorce – What it really means

Arizona is one of several states that have “No Fault” divorces.  What this really means is that in order to get a divorce, or a dissolution of marriage, there is no requirement to show wrongdoing by either party.  A.R.S. §25-312 only requires that the marriage is irretrievably broken in order for the court to grant a divorce.   Therefore, if either party petitions the court, under oath, and states that the marriage is:

Irretrievable Broken


The other party either agrees, or doesn’t deny this

then the court will make a finding of a No Fault Divorce.


If one party denies that the marriage is irretrievably broken then…

the court may stay the proceedings for 60 days so that the parties may attend conciliation services.

There are many options and routes a dissolution of marriage proceeding can take.  If you would like more information on this or to know your options,

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