Is my ex-spouse/partner trying to get my children to hate me?

Unfortunately, some people see divorce as a war, and try to get back at their former spouse/partner.  In such cases they can seek to harm the relationship between the minor child and the other parent by turning the child against them. This is known as Parental Alienation.

Parental Alienation isn’t only committed by a parent; in some cases family members may also attempt to alienate a parent or disparage one parent in front of or within the hearing of the minor child.

If there’s an issue of parental alienation, there are a number of remedies and strategies to employ.  The Legal Decision Making laws, in title 25 were modified two years ago by the Arizona Legislature make it clear that the Court will strive to get both parents engaged in the rearing of the child. Obviously, parental alienation works against the spirit of these laws, and is damaging to the child.

Signs of Parental Alienation:

  • The child has rebellious behavior around the alienated parent
  • The child sounds unemotional or “dead” when the alienated parent calls or Skype’s
  • The child sounds like they’ve been coached to answer certain questions when the alienated parent calls
  • The child exhibits unnatural behavior; for example, using foul language
  • The child throws temper tantrums at inappropriate moments when around the alienated parent
  • The child has knowledge surrounding the alienated parent that was improperly shared with the minor child
  • The child rejects gifts from the alienated parent
  • The child tries to avoid visitation with the alienated parent
  • The child is contemptuous of the alienated parent

Parental Alienation is a serious matter, and needs to be dealt with immediately before it causes long-term damage to the parent-child relationship.  If you’re the target of parental alienation call Enholm Law at (602) 889-6273 and schedule a initial consultation.