Family Court Phoenix Parenting Time

Family Court Phoenix Parenting Time

Three Key Factors Many Parents forget when they show up in Phoenix Family Court to ask for Parenting Time:

Many times the concept of parenting time and joint legal decision making (joint custody) are confused. As a basic reminder joint legal decision making (joint custody) deals with decisions regarding:

(1) Medical
(2) Education
(3) Religion
(4) Personal care

Parenting time (Visitation) on the other side deals with the time you spend with your child.

When it comes to parenting time, there are many factors that go into making a good parenting time schedule for both you and your child. Assuming that both parents are fit, the logistics and feasibility of parenting time will come into play. Three of the main factors are:

Geographical location between the parents’ houses

If your child is in school, this is even more important. If you and your spouse live relatively close then it may be practical for both parents to have parenting time on weekdays. On the other hand, if one parent lives in the west valley and one in the east valley driving a child 40 miles in rush hour to attend an 8:00 a.m. class isn’t good for anybody.

Parents’ work schedule and availability of both parents

If one parent is going to work 16 hour shifts every weekend but be off on the weekdays the Court might be compelled to give that parent weekdays.  Work isn’t the only strain on availability; parents must be mindful about including other strains on availability when preparing their case. Other children not common to the parties, health of both parties, commitments of both parties, and general flexibility in schedule are time factors you must consider.

Support of the parent by others

This factor is relevant when employment obligations conflict with parenting time obligations.  It’s important that a proper caregiver is chosen to fill in those gaps.  Financial impacts may also a parent from utilizing the caregiver of choice.  A well organized and realistic plan will show the judge that the child will receive proper supervision while the parent is attending to other commitments.

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