Buckeye Spousal Maintenance

Buckeye Spousal Maintenance

A Buckeye spousal maintenance attorney can help you to determine if you are eligible for alimony under Arizona Revised Statute 25-319 during the divorce process in Maricopa county, Arizona. Spousal maintenance is usually awarded at the court’s discretion and not typically given to anyone involved in a marriage of short duration or if the individual seeking support has the ability to be self sufficient.

Guidelines for Spousal Maintenance in Arizona

Arizona spousal maintenance rules include the standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage, and the earning ability and age of the spouse asking for maintenance and the capability of the other spouse to pay. Consulting with an Buckeye spousal maintenance lawyer is critical to your success in this matter. Arizona spousal maintenance rules and guidelines are based on the following:

  • The length of marriage
  • The Standard of Living during the course of the marriage
  • The Age, Physicality, Emotional Health and Finances of Spouses
  • The length of time for the spouse awarded alimony to receive training or education to become self sufficient

Types of Spousal Maintenance

Temporary Spousal Maintenance:

This type of spousal maintenance is usually ordered at a temporary orders hearing and will last until the evidentiary hearing.

Lump Sum Spousal maintenance:

An Arizona Court may order or the parties may agree to spousal maintenance in a lump sum single payment. The court rarely will order a lump sum but parties commonly enter into agreement that involve one or two large payments.

Monthly Spousal Maintenance:

The most common kind of spousal maintenance awarded by the Arizona courts and entered into by agreements of the parties during a divorce. This type of alimony commonly involves a fixed amount of money paid over a fixed period of time. If entered into by the parties this fixed period of time can be made non-modifiable. If this type of maintenance is ordered by the Arizona Court this amount can be modifiable if any significant change in circumstance occurs.

Who is eligible for Spousal Maintenance

Arizona judges have a wide latitude in determining if support is to be awarded to an individual. Unlike child support, alimony is awarded at the discretion of the judge. Consulting with an Buckeye spousal maintenance attorney will help you to understand the inner workings of Arizona law. Under ARS 25-319, a person is eligible for Spousal Maintenance if any of the four reasons outlined below are true.

  1. The spouse seeking maintenance lacks sufficient property to provide for the spouse’s needs.
  2. The spouse seeking maintenance is unable to be support ones self-thorough appropriate employment or is the custodian of a child whose age or condition is such that the spouse should not be required to work or lacks earnings ability in the labor market adequate to be self-sufficient.
  3. The spouse seeking maintenance contributed to the educational opportunities of the other spouse.
  4. The spouse seeking maintenance had a marriage of long duration and is of an age that precludes the possibility of gaining adequate employment to be self-sufficient.

What to expect from Enholm Law, PLLC

An Enholm Law, PLLC Buckeye spousal maintenance attorney will always maintain contact with you. Our primary focus is communication with our clients. You will speak to your Buckeye spousal maintenance attorney on a bi-weekly basis and have your calls returned within 24 hours. We build a clear fee structure on either an hourly basis or using a flat fee model. We build a comprehensive plan and insure you understand what is happening at every step in the process. We expect a high level of competency from our attorneys. Our attorneys are constantly involved in ongoing training. Finally, our attorneys meet with clients in our Buckeye satellite office several times a week so you can schedule meetings in your local area.

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