Phoenix Divorce – What Is Discovery?

The Phoenix Divorce topic of today is the question, What Is Discovery? Discovery is the disclosure of information from both the Petitioner and Respondent in a divorce proceeding. Discovery can involve written questions, oral statements, documents and admission requests. Discovery was designed to eliminate the possibility of being ambushed in court and is required by Arizona state law. Discovery is a vital tool in the success of your divorce case. Contact an Enholm Law, PLLC Phoenix Divorce Attorney today for a consultation to discuss your case.


Interrogatories are written questions from one party to the other party. Answers are usually due 40 days from the time of receipt. Interrogatories can cover information that is not considered privileged, but pertinent to the matter at hand. there are two types of interrogatories, uniform & non-uniform.

Document Production

Document and evidence requests can be made by either side in a divorce case. Either party is required by law to provide any documents or evidence they are going to produce in court. Documents can include email, video, images or text that relates to the matter before the court. Documents or evidence that are not provided to the opposing side will most likely be objected to in court and often, the court will not allow them into evidence.


A deposition is a set of verbal questions that are asked of a Petitioner or Respondent. Depositions are a chance to receive an immediate response from the person being questioned. A deposition usually is recorded by a court reporter. The person being questioned is sworn to tell the truth before questioning begins just as if they were in court. The deposition is an excellent tool for the Phoenix Divorce Attorney who wants to have instant responses, on the record, about the matter at hand. This discovery device is expensive.

Requests For Admissions

A Request For Admission is typically a request for the opposing party to admit or deny a relevant fact. This could include almost anything such as finances, property, extra-marital relationships, gambling or any other pertinent issue. The intent by a Phoenix Divorce Attorney in this case is to get a record of a response before going to trial to insure that the person will be consistent during their actually testimony before a judge.

Other Methods Of Discovery

In addition to the methods mentioned above, there are other things that a Phoenix Divorce Attorney can bring into the case if they feel it is required. These could include audits of financials and property, physical or mental evaluations, drug testing or permission to enter land or property for an evaluation. To discuss the options that are open to you, call an Enholm Law, PLLC Phoenix Divorce Attorney for a initial consultation today.

Protect Your Rights

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