Overview of Annulments

The topic of conversation today with the Enholm Law, PLLC Phoenix Divorce Attorneys is an Overview of Annulments in Arizona. A divorce dissolves a marriage that is valid. In contrast, Arizona courts grant legal annulments when they find that fraud or circumstances surrounding the marriage made it impossible for the parties to enter into a legally binding marriage contract, or an obstacle exists that prevents the marriage from being valid. Therefore, the marriage never actually existed.

An annulment has a higher burden of proof than ending an existing marriage. Usually couples seeking an annulment have been married only a brief time. Contact the Enholm Law, PLLC Phoenix Divorce Attorneys today for a consultation and see if you qualify for an Annulment in Arizona.

Why do parties seek annulments?

Most commonly, one or both spouses seek out Phoenix Divorce Attorneys to annul their marriage because of their religious faith. The Catholic Church believes the sanctity of marriage is lifelong until “death do us part”. Churches have their own requirements for religious annulments, and these may vary. Religious annulments void marriages so that one or both of the parties can remarry and have the subsequent marriage recognized by the church. However, church annulments are not recognized by Arizona as legal annulments.

In some instances, spouses may want to annul their marriage for financial reasons. Since the court recognizes that the marriage was never valid, courts strive to put each spouse in a financial position that mirrors how each individual entered the marriage. Nevertheless, there may be issues pertaining to debt, child care, and other monetary issues or concerns. However, long financial battles are less likely when a marriage is annulled.

Protect Your Rights

The major focus of the Enholm Law, PLLC Phoenix Divorce Attorneys who handle Annulments are to protect your rights and look out for your best interests. If you believe the conditions or circumstances of your marriage may provide grounds for an annulment, it is important to seek help from our experienced Phoenix Divorce Attorneys who know the proceedings and law for obtaining annulments in Arizona. Contact the knowledgeable, Phoenix Divorce Attorneys at Enholm Law, PLLC at 602-889-6273 to learn more about annulments and arrange a consultation.