How is Child Care Support Calculated in Arizona?

Enholm Law, PLLC focuses on Arizona family law, and recognizes that divorcing parents are concerned about receiving or paying child support. Questions concerning how child support is calculated and whether they qualify for additional support are common. Some parents want to know how they can oppose or reduce support payments. Contact our office today so our attorney may evaluate your specific circumstances and help you with these issues.

Seeking Arizona Child Care Payments

The traumatic emotional swings in dissolving your marriage or relationship are difficult when you are worried about supporting your children. Whether you expect to pay child support or receive it, you want to know how much money the court may award. Our attorney will explain the Arizona guidelines and factors that the court considers when awarding child care support payments.

The Arizona courts calculate child support by using the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, which guide how they evaluate the cost of raising a child relative to the parents’ income. When determining who pays or receives child support payments, the court considers factors, such as parenting time. The court recognizes that parents naturally incur expenses when children are with them, so spending more time with a parent paying support may reduce child support.

The court considers other factors when determining the amount of child care support. The list below includes other essential information a court considers when calculating payments.

  • Gross income of each parent
  • Number of children
  • Cost of medical and dental insurance
  • Day care costs
  • Educational costs
  • Special needs of any children
  • Ages of the children
  • Obligations to children from other relationships

When do the courts deviate from the calculated child support award?

Although Arizona courts typically stick to the child support amount based on the calculator, they will adjust the payments under certain circumstances. Situations involving parents with a child who has special needs may influence the court to increase child support payments. The court may also deviate from the calculated payment amount if the parents come up with their own agreement that is approved by the court, or the paying parent is covering other expenses. All deviations require additional information.

Where should I make my child support payments?

In Arizona, the paying parent or employer (if funds are sent directly from a paycheck) sends the payments to the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) instead of to the other parent. When the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) receives the payment, they will process, distribute, transfer, and post the payment. They will also process the payment for insufficient funds, if necessary. If a parent or employer makes payment directly to the other parent, those payments will not be recognized as satisfying child support obligations and may be considered gifts. It is essential to keep a record of all information pertaining to your child care payments.

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