Phoenix Military Divorce Lawyer

A military divorce adds to the complexity of a divorce since additional laws are triggered when one spouse is in the military. The issue surrounding retirement benefits is complex and depends on several factors, such as what branch of the military, whether or not the spouse is retired, if any disability is activated. Additionally, involved in the issue of a military divorce is federal and state law including the Uniformed Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA). A specialized Phoenix Military Divorce Attorney at Enholm Law, PLLC Firm has dealt with numerous divorces dealing with this complexity, and can help you understand all of the ramifications.

What is the USFSPA?

The USFSPA does not automatically allow a former spouse to collect from the member’s military retirement pay. This issue saw a lot of action and led to different opinions in State Court. This led to the passing of the USFSPA. The USFSPA allows the State to treat retired pay as a community asset. This Act also addresses the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP). This is an annuity that is available to retired military personnel to provide some sort of support to a named beneficiary in the event of the member’s death. This is a benefit that is automatic at the time of separation unless specifically declined by the member. The beneficiary can be, among others, a spouse or a former spouse provided the proper paperwork is timely completed and submitted.

Relocation and Deployment

Relocation and deployment is an important factor when there are minor children involved; especially surrounding parenting time. A military divorce also brings additional child support concerns. An attorney with military divorce experience will help guide you through a divorce. At Enholm Law, PLLC we have military divorce experience and will advocate for the best possible results surrounding your facts and circumstances.

Protect Your Rights

There is no replacement for solid legal advice from an experienced and compassionate legal professional. The Enholm Law, PLLCLaw Phoenix Military Divorce Attorney that you speak with concerning your military divorce has extensive experience with divorce in Arizona. Enholm Law, PLLC promises clear fee structures, easy payment plans, comprehensive trial plans, excellent communication and ongoing training in all areas of Arizona divorce law.

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