Phoenix Community Waste Lawyer

A major part of every divorce is the division of community assets and debt. Community waste is a term that is used in divorce to claim an equalization payment from your former spouse for funds that were wasted on items or persons during that marriage that did not benefit the community. Arizona is a No-Fault divorce state, so the court gives very little emphasis to behavior that would come under these areas during the course of the divorce trial itself. Where it does focus on this type of behavior is during the property division and community waste section of the trial. An experienced Phoenix Community Waste Attorney at Enholm Law, PLLC will help you retrieve the compensation you deserve if you are a victim of these matters during a divorce.

Some examples of community waste are (1) Prostitutes, (2) Drugs, (3) Excessive Gambling, and (4) gifts, trips, or indulgences or a boyfriend or girlfriend during the marriage. Any money spent on these things does not benefit the community of the marriage and can be recovered in a one-time payment from one spouse to the other. Any money spent on extra-marital affairs is considered by a judge when determining the severity of the community waste and the amount being requested by the spouse who was hurt by the other spouse’s spending. For a more complete overview of community waste, please see our article Divorce Lawyer Phoenix AZ – Community Waste.

If you believe that community waste has occurred or are defending against a claim for community waste your Phoenix Family Law Attorney will employ discovery techniques such as requesting bank statements, taking depositions of the party or other witnesses, and examining where the money went to get you what you deserve.

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