Phoenix Legal Separation Attorney

You can file a legal separation in the state of Arizona if you want to live a separate life from your spouse. However, you or the other party must reside in Arizona to file a legal separation. For a more complete overview of what an Phoenix legal separation attorney focuses on and how they can help you, please see our article entitled Phoenix Family Law Attorney – Legal Separation.

Property and Debt

A legal separation separates the property and debts of the parties so you will no longer be legally responsible for your spouse. Additionally, it decides custody, visitation and other child support issues. You will remain married to your spouse with a legal separation. A legal separation will not terminate any life or health insurance until a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage is signed by a judge.

If you want to marry someone else you will still need to get a divorce from your spouse.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance and retirement benefits can be revisited when the divorce is filed. If you believe that divorce is inevitable, you may want to consider filing for dissolution of marriage, as filing for legal separation could possibly double the cost and the time involved.

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