How To Lose Custody of Your Child in a Divorce or Child Custody Battle

How To Lose Custody of Your Child in a Divorce or Child Custody Battle:

1. Test positive for drugs or alcohol:

One of the most common allegations (and I mean I hear it every day) is one party is an alcoholic or drug addict. During a custody battle your actions are under a microscope and Judges will commonly order parties to random urine analysis or a hair follicle test. It does not mater if it is New Years Eve or your Birthday if you test dirty or fail to test, the Judge is going to assume you have a problem and we are going to be in danger of losing ground in the custody battle.

2. Commit an Act of Domestic Violence Give the Perception that you Might:

In Arizona if significant domestic violence has occurred there is a presumption that joint custody is not in the child best interest. So, do not go to the school and freak out on your former significant other, do not leave voicemails or text messages threatening the other party or say anything that can be perceived as a threat. I know this sounds basic but I see it every day.

(Practice Tip) Buy a recorder and record everything

3. Lie to the Judge or don’t tell the truth:

Do not misrepresent or lie by omission. Once your credibility is gone; it is gone.

4. Alienate your child against yourself or the other parent:

Many people going through a divorce try to get the children on their side or put the children against the other parent. This can and does backfire sometimes with grave consequences. If the other side is able to prove that you are interfering with the parent child relationship the Judge can and sometimes does take your decision making authority away from you giving you limited parenting time or even supervised parenting time. The court does not look kindly on manipulating minor children and the best advice is to make sure your child sees no negative treatment of the other parent.

5. Don’t Show up for Court or Court ordered Appointments:

A large portion of what the Court is going to consider is your current actions. If you are late for court, late for a court ordered class or appointment without a really good reason (like your dead or almost dead) then the only thing dying is your chances of winning your case. The court is looking at accountability and stability and one of the easiest ways to show you are not accountable or stable is to not show up.

Trying to win custody of your child is a difficult task but losing it can be accomplished in a weekend. Parents must understand that they are being watched and that every move will be scrutinized by the other side. Document everything, don’t’ feed your child garbage, do your child’s homework, and DON’T POST PICTURES ON FACEBOOK or other social media platforms, in fact get rid of social media all together.

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