Minors In A Divorce

It is beneficial to come to a mutual agreement on child custody

It is in the best interest of all involved that parents agree on Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time. As research has shown time and again – the more cordial the divorce, the fewer permanent scares will remain.

Arizona’s Superior Court Can Decide For You

The Superior Court of Arizona has the best interest of the child in mind when determining Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time. Once a divorce case starts, the parents, technically, hand over the authority to decide what’s best for their own children to a stranger – the judge.

When Minor Children are Involved in a Divorce in Arizona

When minor children are involved in a divorce, the state does its best to ensure the safekeeping of the children.

In Arizona, the parents are required to do the following:

Mediation – If the parties can’t agree on Legal Decision Making or Parenting Time, they are encouraged to seek mediation to try and work it out with the help of a neutral third person. The Superior Courts in Arizona provide mediation services when minor children are involved, of charge, even before the divorce papers have been filed with the Court.

The Court can mandate mediation at a hearing as well.

Parent Education – Each parent is required by law to complete an educational class. The state requires new divorcing parents or parents with a custody dispute to attend an information program focused on the child’s needs. The class is designed to educate parents about the impact of divorce, restructuring the family, and the courts involvement with the child. See A.R.S. § 25-315.

Parenting Plan – This document sets forth rights and responsibilities, terms and conditions, for Legal Decision Making & Parenting Time. Many different statutes and rules apply to Arizona parenting plans.

Best Interest Attorney – When parents cannot agree, and the court feels the welfare of the children might be in jeopardy, the court will appoint a Best Interest Attorney to represent the children’s interest in court.

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