five for five-1

Limited Time only:  “5 for 5”

For a limited time only Enholm Law, PLLC is offering a two hour consultation that includes the following 5 items for $500:

1) A consultation regarding your matter;
2) A strategic plan going forward;
3) Review of any three (3) of the following documents:

  · Petition or Response drafted by you;
  · Petition or Response drafted by the opposing party;
  · An order or minute entry from the Court;
  · Your Affidavit of Financial Information;
  · The opposing parties’ Affidavit of Financial Information;
  · Your Consent Decree;
  · Your Default Decree;
  · Your Parenting Plan.

Additional time or review of documents may be purchased for an additional fee.  No drafting from us is included but may be purchased separately for a reasonable fee.

Call us now at Enholm Law, PLLC to schedule your “5 for 5” before this offer expires!!  602-889-6273