Phoenix Divorce Document Preparer

Enholm Law offers a wide array of choices for your document preparation needs, including:

Divorce with children $500.00
Divorce without children $400.00
Legal Separation with children $500.00
Legal Separation without children $400.00
Annulment $400.00
Temporary/Emergency Orders $300.00
Conciliation Court Services $150.00
Mediation for Legal Decision Making (Child Custody) $150.00
Establishing Paternity $500.00
Parenting Time (Visitation) $500.00
Visitation for Grandparents $500.00
Child Support $400.00


The quoted fees are typical but may change with your facts and circumstances.

We can also prepare the various motions, pleadings, and memorandums that your family law case might require from time to time. Call Enholm Law now at (602) 889-6273 for all your family law document preparation needs in Phoenix.