Anthem Child Support

Anthem Child Support

It is the legal and moral responsibility of every parent to provide for the financial well being of their children and an Anthem child support attorney can help insure that your children will receive what they are entitled to if you find yourself in a child custody battle. Arizona child custody is separate from legal decision making and parenting time and focuses on the needs of the child, and not the needs of the parents. Arizona makes extensive use of the Arizona child support guidelines, along with the Arizona child support calculator, to insure that every child has the financial support they deserve even when their parents are going through a divorce or legal separation. Arizona always places the best interests of the child ahead of all other concerns in these cases. Working with an Anthem Child Support Attorney is the best possible way of protecting your rights, and the rights of your children, during this process.

Arizona calculates child support based on the Income Shares Model to insure that the child will continue to receive the same amount of financial support as if their parents were still living together. The court considers that divorce is already a stressful enough proposition for a child and feels that no further undue hardship should be placed upon the child now that their parents no longer live together. This takes into account the gross income of both parents, court ordered child support from other relationships, court ordered spousal maintenance along with custodial parenting of children that were not common to their current relationship.

Arizona has strict enforcement laws for child support and should you find yourself in need of having existing orders enforced, are seeking modifications to existing orders or looking to start the child support payments that your children deserve, working with an Anthem Child Support Attorney is your best possible solution for maximizing your success with the courts. At Enholm Law, PLLC, we offer an initial case evaluation to discuss the specifics of your case. We also promise up-front and affordable fee structures, constant communication with your Anthem child support attorney and a comprehensive case plan strategy that everyone understands before moving forward.

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