Surprise Child Custody Attorney

Surprise Child Custody Attorney

A Surprise Child Custody Attorney is a legal professional who will protect your rights and represent you when facing a Child Custody battle in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Enholm Law, PLLC Surprise Child Custody Attorney that you meet with for a consultation will help show you the strengths and weaknesses of your side of the case. Your attorney will evaluate the specifics of your Child Custody situation in relation to Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 25-403. During your initial session we will go over all existing documents and evidence that could possibly have an effect on the outcome of your case.

ARS 25-403 is entitled The Best Interests of the Child and was made into law to prevent any undue hardships upon natural or adopted children, common to the couple, when parents no longer live together. A Child Custody battle can affect your emotional well being and take a lot out of you. ARS 25-403 places the focus squarely on the best interests of the child involved. Call today to arrange your consultation with an Enholm Law, PLLC Surprise Child Custody Attorney to insure your rights, and the rights of your child, are protected.

Child Custody – Areas Of Focus

An Enholm Law, PLLC Surprise Child Custody Attorney will cover five main areas during your initial consultation. These are Child Support, Parenting Time, Legal Decision Making, Relocation, and 3rd Party or Grandparents Rights.

Child Support

The Arizona Child Support Guidelines are used by the court, in conjunction with The Arizona Child Support Calculator, to determine the amount of child support ordered and the length of time that support must be paid. The Surprise Child Custody Attorney assigned to your case will discuss factors that influence child support and help you to present pertinent evidence and issues to a judge. Child Support makes sure that the child receives the financial support they require and suffer no undue hardships because parents no longer live together.

Parenting Time

Arizona attempts to insure that children will have meaningful and equal time with both parents after they have split up. Parenting Time, or visitation, is part of the new two prong approach to Child Custody that Arizona voted into law in January of 2013. Working with your Surprise Child Custody Attorney to devise a meaningful parenting plan to be accepted by the court is your best possible strategy when it comes to visitation.

Legal Decision Making

Legal Decision is covered under Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 25-403 and is the second prong of what used to be called Child Custody in Arizona. This statute covers the best interests of the child. Legal Decision Making covers what parent will make all legal decisions for your child and is separate from Parenting Time. These decisions can include religious, educational, medical and life philosophy. Three possible scenarios that could result from a Legal Decision Making trial are:

  • Sole Legal Decision Making
  • Joint Legal Decision Making
  • Joint Legal Decision Making with one party having the final say


There are times when people need to move outside of Arizona, or 100 miles beyond of the jurisdiction of Maricopa county. This could be for work, educational or personal reasons. If this occurs, you will need to apply to the court for relocation. Factors evaluated by the court in such this scenario include the following:

  • Distance between old home and new home.
  • Age/Maturity of the child.
  • Will this move improve the quality of the child’s life?
  • In the you need to relocate, contact an experienced Surprise Child Custody Attorney to help you prepare all of the necessary documentation to present to the court.

3RD Party or Grandparents Rights

Arizona has no specific guidelines for grandparents or third parties who are seeking the custody of a minor child. If you are a third party, or a grandparent seeking to gain custody, a Surprise Child Custody Attorney can help you present your side to the court.

Surprise Child Custody Attorney – consultation

During your initial consultation, your Enholm Law, PLLC Surprise Child Custody Attorney will review the specific circumstances that you face in relationship to your legal issues. This time is set aside for your Surprise Child Custody Attorney to listen to your side and to advise you on the strengths and weaknesses in your legal argument. All of the documents that have been drafted, any evidence that might be involved and the specific legal facts of your case will be discussed. This meeting will be held in your local area to insure that you have the maximum amount of time to focus on your specific situation.

Enholm Law, PLLC – What To Expect

At Enholm Law, PLLC, we take our slogan “we take sides…yours” extremely seriously. When you are facing legal issues of any kind, the additional burden of feeling alone or that you have no one on your side can be stressful on you both emotionally and physically. Knowing that you have someone who will listen, who will follow a defined course of action and who will protect your rights are critical factors in the personal and legal success of your case. Our staff, including your Surprise Child Custody Attorney, are trained to work together in a cohesive unit to provide you with the personal and professional legal tools you need. We make the following promises to all of our clients:

  • All meetings can be arranged in Surprise, Arizona, for your convenience.
  • All of our staff undergo ongoing training in their specific fields of endeavor.
  • A high level of competency and skill, to include all statutes and case law, are expected of our team.
  • You will receive a comprehensive, easy to follow, plan that we only deviate from when circumstances change.
  • You will receive bi-weekly status calls to update you on the progress of your case.
  • All of your phone calls or emails will be returned within 24 hours or less.
  • A clear Fee Structure based upon a flat fee model or hourly billing.

Call (602)889-6273 right now to receive your initial consultation with a Surprise Child Custody Attorney who is ready to take your side.