Guidelines for Arizona Child Support

Guidelines for Arizona Child Support

Guidelines for Arizona Child Support

Arizona Child Support Guidelines are set up to:

1) Establish a standard of support for children consistent with the reasonable needs of children and the ability of parents to pay

2) Make child support orders consistent for persons in similar circumstances

3) Give parents and courts guidance in establishing child support orders and to promote settlements

4) Comply with state law A.R.S. §25-320 and federal law and any amendments thereto

These guidelines were last updated in 2011 and are updated every four years.


Some of the factors that go into child support calculation include, but aren’t limited to:

-Monthly gross income of each parent

-Spousal support paid or received

-Child support paid or received for a child of other relationship

-Other natural or adopted children not subject to court orders

-Child care

-Health insurance costs

-Parenting time

Currently, the maximum combined gross income for child support in Arizona maxes out at $20,000 monthly.

These aren’t the only factors the court takes into consideration when calculating child support and every case is different. If you need assistance in your Arizona child support case, contact Enholm Law, PLLC at (602) 889-6273 for a initial consultation.