Juvenile DUI Penalties

Juvenile DUI Penalties

Juvenile DUI Penalties

Arizona Juvenile DUI Penalties are among the toughest in the nation and affect any person who is convicted of driving under the influence who is under the age of 21. Fines can range from $1,600.00 to $2,500.00 with mandatory detention times from 10 days to 8 months. The underage driver faces the loss or suspension of their driving privileges and other penalties that can have a far reaching impact on their lives.

If facing Arizona juvenile DUI penalties, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer to help protect your rights. For a complete overview of the mandatory penalties involved please see our article entitled Arizona DUI Mandatory Penalties.

What is Juvenile DUI?

Arizona has a zero tolerance rate for juvenile DUI offenses. Any person under the age of 21, with a blood alcohol content of greater than 00.00% can be charged with driving under the influence and face mandatory juvenile DUI penalties as outlined in Arizona Revised Statute (ARS) 28-1381. Standard juvenile DUI penalties are enforced for blood alcohol levels greater than 0.08%, Extreme juvenile DUI for blood alcohol levels greater than 0.15% and Super Extreme Juvenile DUI Penalties for a blood alcohol content of 0.20% or greater.

While Arizona does carry mandatory fines and detention for juvenile DUI penalties, fines, surcharges and assessments may be waived if the court orders a minimum of 80 hours of community restitution per ARS 8-343.

What about Insurance?

Some insurance companies will terminate a policy for juvenile DUI offenses and some will not allow a policy to be renewed. Most simply raise the cost of the monthly premium by $100 to $200 as a higher risk policy. This raise in rates usually stays in place for three to five years. The DMV requires an SR-22 certificate to reinstate a license after suspension as proof of insurability.

Protect Your Rights

There is no substitute for solid legal advice from a compassionate, trial tested, experienced professional. The Enholm Law, PLLC Arizona DUI attorney that you meet with for your consultation will have solid experience with juvenile DUI penalties laws in Arizona. EEnholm Law, PLLC promises clear fee structures, easy affordable payment plans, comprehensive trial plans, excellent communication and ongoing training in all areas of Arizona DUI Law.

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