Anthem Community Waste

Anthem Community Waste

The primary job of an Anthem community waste attorney is to protect your rights and look out for your financial future if you become involved in a divorce in the state of Arizona. Arizona is a No-Fault Divorce state, which means the court only requires that two people wish to get divorced. Proving who is at fault is not part of the divorce process, but can come under consideration in other areas of a divorce trial. One place that the court does consider the actions of each member of the couple is during the community waste portion of a divorce trial. At Enholm Law, PLLC, we will provide you with a case evaluation with an Anthem community waste attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and provide you with a comprehensive strategy to maximize your success in court.

Community waste has a primary focus of being an equalizing factor in a divorce trial, especially in the area of property division. The court makes every effort to insure that bad judgment is not the only factor that is involved when making community waste decisions. Community waste usually is negative behavior that has hurt one member of the marriage in a financial way. This could involve extra-marital affairs, paying prostitutes for sex, wasting money on an illegal drug or alcohol problem and gambling. If one person has squandered assets on these areas, the other spouse is usually entitled to an equalization payment or a larger share of the community assets during a divorce. Our attorneys can also show you how to protect your assets during a divorce.

Contacting an Enholm Law, PLLC Anthem community waste attorney for an initial consultation is your best strategy to protect your rights and secure a positive financial future. Our law firm will work with will help you to build a comprehensive strategy with you, remain in constant contact with you, aggressively advocate your case in the courts and always protect your rights.

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